Nilesh Rawat

Expert in Hardware & Network Engineering
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Premises #1630, Street# 18, Nanda Nagar, Indore -11 (M.P.)



About Nilesh Rawat

Mr. Rawat, a technical graduate and years of experience in the field of Hardware & Network engineering while serving all major sector as an Networking engineer.

Some how he brings out precious free time from his busy schedule to teach the students and avail practical industry required training to the students.

  • Chip level hardware & peripherals engineer
  • Network engineer for LAN, MAN, WAN
  • Industry required experience to share with students.
  • Top secured networking management experience of banking.

Mr. Rawat is very passionate about teaching his subject to their students. He always try to manage and update their students to get deep routed knowledge of the subject which supports to avail better placement opportunities in the industry.

Network Engineer is a backbone of every industry.

A single minute is impossible without a use of network whether it is desktop, laptop, notepad or your smart phone. Just imagine what happens with you when you’re not connected with your network.
All engineering is moving around networking, a great example is cloud computing where everything depends on it. The scenario of current technology has completely changed where your network matters.

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